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  • How Trump let the US fall behind the curve on coronavirus threat

    Los Angeles Times

    By then, Thailand and Japan were reporting confirmed coronavirus infections. Peter Navarro, Trump's director of trade and manufacturing policy, suggested stopping travel from China in a memo written the same day the task force was announced. But his continued downplaying of the coronavirus threat so alarmed Fauci and Dr.

  • Hospital experts explain: Why does social distancing push model's COVID-19 peak later?

    The Charlotte Observer

    William Harley II told the Observer. Mecklenburg County's stay-at-home order is now set to expire April 29, at the same time as Gov.

  • Families, public plead for more information as COVID-19 deaths soar at nursing homes

    The Kansas City Star

    Riverbend's statistics stood then at 48 residents and eight employees testing positive. Riverbend was last inspected in January, just 11 days before the first reported coronavirus case in the United States. He was tested for the virus after his death.

  • Hospitals still waiting for the surge; is it coming?

    The San Diego Union-Tribune

    Brian Grennan, nursing manager of the facility, said it's not that there haven't been any COVID patients. Several patients with confirmed infections were fighting for their lives in Palomar's intensive care unit at that very moment.

  • Kokua Line: Naming a health-care proxy more important than ever

    The Honolulu Star-Advertiser

    To be clear, we are assuming that you completed a standard Advance Health Care Directive. Such a document designates someone to speak for a patient who cannot speak for themselves. We only use POLST and AHCD when the patient is unable to speak for themselves.

  • The South may see the largest share of coronavirus misery

    Doug Jones of Alabama urged state leaders to expand Medicaid now with the promise that more federal money would be coming soon to pay the state's 10% share. New York and other major U.S. cities were next to experience outbreaks. With the exception of New Orleans, most of the Deep South seemed to be spared initially. In Alabama, where maternal death rates are the third-highest in the nation, black women die at more than twice the rate of white women.

  • As financial losses from COVID-19 mount, Saint Al's enacts temporary cuts and furloughs

    The Idaho Statesman

    Health systems worldwide are under tremendous pressure to prepare for the upcoming COVID-19 surge. We have also expanded our telemedicine service, MyeVisit, to allow patients to see a provider while staying at home. These are difficult decisions to make, and are expected to be temporary, but we are not immune from the realities facing healthcare providers all over the world.

  • Construction Work Was Already Dangerous. Coronavirus Is Making It Worse.

    The Huffington Post

    But, like many construction workers he’s spoken to, he’s still uneasy.We are not health care workers. Labor advocates, meanwhile, worry about construction sites shutting down and leaving millions jobless. Even if laid-off construction workers can access unemployment funds, many could soon lose their union health care coverage.

  • Bernie Sanders Soared Back To Life. But He Couldn’t Close The Deal.

    The Huffington Post

    Sanders never seriously entertained the idea, according to a senior aide.Longabaugh left Sanders’ team in early 2019, citing strategic differences with Sanders. Rabin-Havt, Shakir’s second-in-command, also accompanied Sanders on all of his travel. Both Sanders and Warren needed to be back to participate in the impeachment trial and Sanders’ campaign had already reserved the plane.

  • How many will die of COVID-19 in North Carolina? Predicting the toll isn't easy

    The News and Observer

    The earlier prediction did not take into account Gov.